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History of UPS

UPS of North America

United Parcel Service of North America, Inc. is a messenger company that was founded 1907 in the United States. It is commonly known as UPS; it has grown to a multi-billion-dollar corporation through focusing on the aim of allowing commerce around the world. Today, United Parcel Service is a worldwide company that is among the most renowned and admired in the world. We have become the leading package delivery company in the world and is a prominent provider of distinct logistics and transportation services.

The American global package delivery company has its headquarter in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a region in the Greater Atlanta area. United Parcel Service can deliver more than 15 million of packages every day to about 6.1 million customers in 220 countries all around the world.

UPS is popularized by its brown delivery trucks and uniforms, henceforth the nickname of the company “Brown”. United Parcel Service also has its very own airline and air cargo delivery service headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

The primary business of UPS is the time-defined delivery of documents and packages all around the world. In these times, UPS has stretched its service to comprise less than truckload transportation (mainly in the U.S.) and supply chain services. The operation of UPS is reported in 3 segments: Supply Chain & Freight operations, U.S. Domestic Package operations, and International Package operations.

US Domestic Package

US Domestic Package operations comprise the time-definite delivery of documents, letters, and certain packages all throughout the U.S.

International Package

International Package operations comprise delivery of packages to 220 countries and regions around the world, which includes shipments solely outside the U.S., as well as deliveries with either distribution or origin outside the U.S.

Supply Chain & Freight

Supply Chain & Freight (UPS-SCS for UPS Supply Chain Solutions) comprises the contract and forwarding contract logistics operations of UPS, UPS Freight, and other associated business units. The forwarding and logistics business of UPS provides its services to roughly 175 countries and regions all around the world, and consists of freight forwarding and distribution, worldwide supply chain design, mail and consulting services, execution and management and customs brokerage. UPS Freight provides a selection of “LTL” or less than truckload and “TL” or truckload services to clients in North America.

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