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Facts on DHL

History of DHL

DHL is the largest and leading company worldwide, with a workforce of more than 315,000 employees and upgraded global headquarters within the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Germany connecting all customers from over 220 countries and territories.
The company provides international express deliveries including express mail deliveries and freight forwarding by land, sea or air. The company also provides extensive logistic solutions including customized logistic services.

General Facts on DHL

  • DHL’s busiest day of the year for delivering packages is December 18, 2014.
  • DHL employees at the CVG International Airport are busy at working to deliver your packages on time.
  • DHL is considered as among the largest logistics company in the world.
  • This week alone, DHL employees are expecting to deal with 42% of increase in packages as compared to normal operations. That is around 200,000 shipments.
  • With an increase at that rate, how do the employees at DHL keep up?
  • At the CVG hub, which among the three main hubs around the world, packages are being unloaded from trucks or containers and placed on conveyor belts depending on their destination.
  • When it’s on the conveyor belts, it will only take about 3-5 minutes to send it to the last reload point.
  • According to the Vice President and General Manager of the DHL hub, Miss Joanie Arias, they have increased staffing specifically for this busy season.
  • She said that they have basically adjusted their start times and increased their staffing. She also stated that they have created an effective preparedness program that they implement each year to ensure that appropriate staffing, operation and number of aircraft and trucks to deliver the packages on time.
  • So, at this moment those airplanes are taking off to deliver your packages where they need to be for this Christmas holiday.

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